Dogs Available Now

Please check the Latest Updates Page for news about upcoming arrivals of dogs and other important information. If you are interested in a dog, you MUST submit an application and then call or email us to let us know which dog you are interested in.

DOGS MARKED ADOPTED ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. If all dogs are marked Adopted, we don't have any available right now, but we want you to see the types of dogs we get. We tend to get dogs in batches and then it takes a month or two to get everyone adopted and trained before we get the next batch of dogs, so check back if you don't see any currently available dogs.

Would you like to help us save more dogs? Then please donate or volunteer to foster a dog (if in the Chico area.)

Cinnamon - ADOPTED

5 pound, female,3 year old, Pomeranian mix. Friendly. Affectionate lap dog. Good with dogs and cats. Too fragile for young children. OK if you work.


1 yr old, 8 pound, neutered male nonshed terrier. Oscar is the sweetest, most affectionate companion. Good with dogs, cats, and kids. OK if you work. Playful, but calms nicely when you are busy. Crate trained.

Nutmeg - ADOPTED

11 pound, female spaniel mix. Will be spayed before adoption. Happy, friendly, eager to please, sweet loving girl. Good with dogs, cats, and kids.


Sweet and playful mini poodle, spayed female, 2 yrs. old. Shaved hair now will grow back to a beautiful dark gray, soft nonshed coat.6 pounds. Good with kids, cats, and dogs. OK if you work. Crate trained.


Vicky is a 2 year old, spayed, female, 12 pounds. Friendly with every person and dog she meets. Good with kids and dogs. Barks at cats. Active and playful with dogs and toys. Needs daily exercise. Affectionate. Loves car rides. Quiet in crate at night.


Mud is the most mild-mannered, calm poodle mix you will ever meet.
14 pound, nonshed poodle terrier. Good with kids, cats, and dogs. Crate trained. Polite meeting strangers. Loving and affectionate with family and friends. Never pushy. OK if you work

Yellow - ADOPTED

12 pound, neutered male. 2 years old. Cal, loving. Crate trained.


"All I want for Christmas is a sofa to lay on for the next 10 years"
- Willy
Willy is a 4 year old 5 lb long-haired chihuahua neutered male. Perfect manners, housebroken. He is friendly to dogs, cats and gentle kids. Happy to relax while you work. He likes to ride in the car on errands. He is a calm lapdog.

Golden Boy - ADOPTED

15 pound,2 yr old, neutered male, miniature Golden Retriever. This is your Zen dog. Calm, mild-mannered, unflappable, gentle companion. Great with dogs, cats, and kids. Crate trained. OK if you work


2 yr old, neutered poodle mix, nonshed coat. Friendly and social. Easy going personality. OK if you work. Crate trained. Good with dogs and kids.

Sailor - ADOPTED

One year old, 4 lb. neutered male long haired chihuahua mix. Calm, affectionate lap dog. too fragile for children. Good with cats and small dogs. Has had neuter, dewormer, grooming, microchip, all shots, heartworm test, and flea treatment. He is now full size at just under 5 pounds. Loves to be held and carried, and loves car rides. But also friendly, happy and playful at home. Housebroken with management. OK if you work. No seperation anxiety. One of the sweetest souls ever born.

Poquito - ADOPTED

Purebreed Chihuahua homeless when owner passed. Give Poquito a happy birthday, August 7th, when he becomes 10 years old. Healthy, perky. All vet records since puppy. Just had dental cleaning. 9 pounds, neutered, beautiful house manners, social with dogs, cats.Friendly to everyone he meets. Perfect companion pet whether you work or are at home. Affectionate and loyal to friends and family.